Common App Ed Agreement

The Common App ED Agreement: What it is and Why it Matters

The Common Application, also known as the Common App, is a widely used online college application platform that allows students to apply to multiple schools with one application. One feature of the Common App is the Early Decision (ED) agreement, which allows students to apply to their top-choice school early and receive a decision before the regular admission pool.

But what exactly is the Common App ED agreement, and why does it matter?

What is the Common App ED agreement?

The Common App ED agreement is a binding contract between the student, their parent/guardian, and the college they are applying to. By signing the agreement, the student agrees to attend the college if they are accepted under the Early Decision program.

The agreement also states that the student can only apply to one college under the ED program, and that they will withdraw any other applications if they are accepted to their ED school. Additionally, the agreement requires the student to withdraw any applications to other schools if they are deferred or waitlisted at their ED school.

Why does the Common App ED agreement matter?

The Common App ED agreement is important because it signals to colleges that the student is committed to attending their school if accepted. This can make a huge difference in the admissions process, as colleges want to admit students who are likely to enroll.

Additionally, the ED agreement can give students an advantage in the admissions process. ED applicants are often considered more favorably than regular applicants because they have shown a strong interest in the school. This is especially true for highly selective colleges.

However, it’s important to note that the ED agreement is a binding contract, and students should only apply under the ED program if they are absolutely certain that the school is their top choice. If a student is accepted under the ED program but decides not to attend, they may face consequences such as losing their deposit or being barred from applying to other schools or programs.

In conclusion, the Common App ED agreement is a crucial component of the college application process for students who are certain that a particular college is their top choice. By understanding the requirements and implications of the agreement, students can make informed decisions about their college applications and increase their chances of being admitted to their dream school.